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Blending online modules with existing face to face training results in radical time and investment savings. Online modules are typically completed in a third of the time required to cover comparable course syllabi in a training room setting.


Our modules allow competent and unfamiliar learners alike to complete modules at an individually appropriate pace. Learners interact with stimulating online activities that help cement course concepts.

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Local relevance

Content, style and format is highly flexible. Off-the-shelf courses can be contextualised. Fully customised courses transform your subject matter into engaging learning experiences.

Combine with your face to face training

Use online assessment results to tailor more effective face to face training workshops and identify knowledge gaps.

INCREASED REACH - Health and safety training where it’s needed when it’s needed. Seamless access for individuals in remote locations or 200 staff in your head office.

The Interactive Developments team

Working with you in partnership to create better e-learning.

Michelle Wakelam

CEO and Multimedia Developer
Michelle has twenty years experience as an Occupational Hygienist and has also been a NATA Technical asbestos assessor. She was a founding member on the Australian Radiation Protection Board. She has a wealth of experience managing the operations of ID E-Learning.

Stephen McNamara

Games and User Interaction Developer
Stephen has decades of user interface development and games programming experience for e-learning programs. Stephen’s expertise translates within ID to the development of a plethora of cutting edge simulations to illustrate scientific concepts in an engaging and educational manner.

Helen Smith

Multi-media Developer and Programmer
Helen has a PhD in Computational Plasma Physics and has held numerous post-doctoral positions in both Australian and US universities. She has advanced computer programming knowledge and skills.

Anusha Pechiraj

Multi-media Developer
Anusha has a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology. She has plenty of experience as a Programmer Analyst, Test Analyst and E-learning developer and a good knowledge of Object oriented Programming and MarkUp Languages.

Subject matter experts

A bank of subject matter experts
DR LYNNE SHANDLEY — Ph.D in Anatomy and Physiology. With twenty years experience in research/training. DR PAM DEAN — Ph.D in Chemistry. DR JACOB HOLLIS — Ph.D Neuroscience.


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